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This is the story about two astronauts left adrift in the immensity of space and how, together, they managed to get through. 

It's a sci-fi drama based in the relation between two humans in a desperate situation trying to survive. Interpersonal relations and mental health are discussed in this story.

One critical bug came in last minute and it's impossible to advance throught the 5 stages that we built. We hope we can fix it soon and let you play further another time.

For us it's been a really big project to develop by ourself. We have been ambitious to find our own limits. Next time, more & better.


Treepot Team - Developers: 

Júlia Blasco: Game design, story and dialogs, character design, translation.

Clara Casé: Character design, UI Artist, concept artist, translation.

Marina Chavarría: Programming, 3D modelling, UV mapping, texturizing, voice actress.

Marc Galdo:  3D modelling, UV mapping, texturizing, lighting.

Joan Ortiga: Programming,  lighting.

Pol Serra Farré: 3D modelling, UV mapping, texturizing, character design, animations.


Marc Mas: Music and sound

Emma González Torres: voice actress.

Sam Hudson: voice actor.

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